Nefesh B’Nefesh Ori provides Lone Bnot Sherut with the guidance, support and assistance so they can experience a successful and meaningful Sherut Leumi. They help the Bnot Sherut adjust and acclimate to their national service and apartments, place them with families for Shabbatot, create a sense of community by hosting social events, and provide them with bureaucratic assistance and vital information as they navigate their new life in Israel.

Netivot Aliyah

Netivot Aliyah is a program through Aminadav designed specifically for Bnot Sherut Bodedot to offer them extra support. It’s is split into two tracks: Yarden’s Track and the Midrasha Track.

Yarden’s Track:

  • Must be Israeli.
  • Must be eligible for welfare benefits in Israel.
  • Extra support getting a placement.
  • Work 2 hours less a day then regular bnot sherut.
  • Yemei Iyun.
  • Extra support from the Rakezet.

Midrasha Track:

  • Don’t need to be Israeli.
  • Extra Shiurim.
  • Yemei Iyun

Sherut Leumi Rakezet Contact Info:

Dana Zimmerman
Agudah L’Hitnadvut Placement Organization

Asnat Rotem
Bat-Ami Placement Organization

Yarden Greenberg
Netivot Aliyah (Aminadav)

Aliza Sebag
Netivot Aliyah Midrasha Track (Aminadav)

Osnat Tzadok
Shilat Placement Organization