Hebrew Degrees at Bar Ilan

English Degrees at Bar Ilan

  • English Literature
  • English Linguistics
  • Communications and English Literature
  • Communications and Political Science
  • Multidisciplinary BA in Jewish Studies

Hebrew Degrees at Tel Aviv University

English Degrees at Tel Aviv University

Reichman University (formally known as IDC) is the only completely international public University in Israel, in which most of the degrees are in English. Degree and Programs at Reichman University  

* Note: Reichman is more expensive than the average public university due to it’s international status – You still are able to use your tuition benefit however you must pay the difference.

Technion Home Page

English Degrees 

Degrees at Hebrew University 

Rothberg International School – Hebrew University English Degrees 

  • Business and Liberal Arts
  • Business and English Literature 
  • Liberal Arts and English Literature

Officially known as the Jerusalem College of Technology, Machon Lev (Men) and Machon Tal (Women) specializes in high-tech engineering, industrial management, business administration and life and health sciences.

  • Hebrew Degrees 
    • Electro-optics engineering 
    • Electronic engineering 
    • Industrial engineering 
    • Software engineering 
    • Computer science 
    • Bioinformatics 
    • Nursing
    • Pharmacy
    • Accounting and information systems 
    • Business administration 
  • English Degrees 
    • Business Administration 
    • Computer Science 

*Starting 2023/2024 School Year 

  • Lev/Tal Pre-engineering track in English!
  • Tal Nursing program

Machon Lev 

Machon Tal 

Hadassah does not offer any degrees in English. While they have a great translated website, keep in mind that all the degrees are in hebrew 

Degrees at Hadassah College