Minhal Hastudentim is the government office that helps you receive your academic rights as an oleh chadash. All documents must be submitted by November 10th.

1. Click here to see how to set up an account.

2. Documents you need to upload to your account include:

  • Teudat Oleh and Teudat Zehut.
  • Original high school diploma & transcripts.
  • Certificates from Ulpan or Mechina if you did them.
  • Record of army or national service if you did it.
  • Letter of acceptance to your university.
  • An Academic Financial Balance payment receipt (אישור גובה שכר לימוד) and your bank account information – with a canceled check, or a letter from your bank. (Unless you are enrolled in BIU and Ariel, who are reimbursed directly).

3. Present all original documents to Minhal Hastudentim in MIsrad Haklita.