Most students choose to live close to the University or College they are attending. There are plenty of Anglo communities for students.

Main places to live in Jerusalem


  • A lot of people live in the Rivka/Nachum Lifschitz/Tziporah st area. Other main areas are the streets named after the shvatim.
  • The classic go-to shul is Nitzanim.
  • Other shul options: Yedidya, Yael, Shir Hasash, Emek Learning Center, Ramban.


  • Katamon is a touch cheaper than Baka, but it’s also a little bit further out. If you’re looking to stay in the relative Baka area, Katamonim (smaller neighborhood of Katamon, classic streets are Rashbag, Yosi Ben Yoezer, or Ben Zakkai) is a good bet. If you’re looking at Katamon proper but want to be near Baka, Rachel Imenu St is a great place to start. If you don’t mind being further away from Baka (still walkable for sure) – Kaf Tet b’November, Kovshei
  • Katamon, and that area are great places to be.
  • Shuls in the area: The Kla, Yakar, Talpiot Mizrach.
  • The further into Talpiot you go, the cheaper it is. Most people stay on Derech Beit Lechem but further past Rivka street, that way it’s accessible to Baka area but cheaper.


  • Great option if you’re looking to get out of the American Young Olim scene but still have the comfort of being relatively close by (and also being surrounded by other English speakers).
  • LOOOOTS of students live in this area, as it’s accessible to Har Hatzofim and Givat Ram
  • Rechavia is divided into two parts – the two different sides of Azza st. One side is closer to Katamon and a little bit more residential; the other side is closer to Gan Sacher so there’s always stuff going on.


  • Right near Shuk Machane Yehuda and very close to town.

Main places to live in the Mercaz

Givat Shmuel

  • Givat Shmuel is a relatively small area and most of the anglos live around the BIU campus.
  • Classic streets to live on are: Yoni Netanyahu/Begin area, throughout Rechov HaNasi, or across campus in the Yitzchak Shamir/Ramat Ilan area.
    If you see an apartment for rent, odds are you’ll be living near someone in the anglo chevra!
  • BIU/Givat Shmuel has a JLIC that has davening on Shabbat as well as programming and shiurim throughout the year. Click here for more info.

Shuls: BIU/Givat Shmuel JLIC, Shirat Aharon, Carlebach, Shul on the BIU campus near the new dorms.

Main places to live in Herzliya

  • Everyone lives within a 20-25 minute walk of the University.
  • Sokolov St is the main street of the university-centric Herzliya, and most people livearound there.
  • Shuls: Herzliya has a JLIC! They run the minyanim and community events.

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