A Mechina is a preparatory program for Israeli students who did not successfully complete their Bagrut exams. It is also for new immigrants who would like to study in an Israeli university. The goal of the program is to help students attain the levels required for regular study in University (equivalency to Israeli Bagrut) and proficiency in both Hebrew and English. Some schools such as Bar-Ilan University and Machon Lev/Machon Tal in Jerusalem do not always require Mechina for students who do not have a bagrut or bagrut equivalent (see below) but fulfill other academic requirements. Therefore, it is important to be in touch with a student advisor at the university you are applying to before you sign up for Mechina.

Students who meet the following criteria are usually exempt from the Mechina for Olim. They also may not be eligible for the student benefits.

  • UK students who earned a GCSE + at least 3 A-level exams (in certain subjects).
  • Canadian students who earned a OSSD (in certain courses) or a high school diploma + CEGEP diploma.
  • US students who took at least 4 AP exams (in certain subjects) with a score of 4 or above (some school will only accept a score of 5).