Housing for the Year – There are apartments that have a high concentration of Anglos (i.e. Jerusalem) and are a little more accommodating to the needs of Bnot Sherut living on their own.

Note: The Amutot of Bat Ami and Aminadav offer Anglo apartments throughout Kiryat Moshe and Beit Hakerem. Agudah Lehitnadvut has Olot apartments but not necessarily Anglo. If you are interested in being living in the English speaking apartments, please speak with your rakezet.

Every lone Bat Sherut apartment is entitled to a washing machine and wifi from their Amuta.

Free Transportation – When you begin your sherut, bring your Sherut ID card (which you will receive when you begin) to the Rav Kav office in any Tachana Merkazit along with your Teudat Zehut or Passport and they will sign you up for free transportation on your Rav Kav.

Monthly Stipend – In addition to the regular monthly stipend (about 1145 NIS), Bnot Sherut Bodedot receive an extra 720 NIS from Reishut Sherut Leumi and if you have made aliyah, you are eligible to receive an extra 540 NIS from Misrad HaKlita.

Vacation – Every Bat Sherut is entitled to 22 vacation days, Bnot Sherut Bodedot receive an extra 15 vacation days per year (whether you have made Aliyah or not).

Discounts to different activities and restaurants when you show your Sherut Leumi card.

There are two benefits that you receive when completing your service (a full 12 or 24 months):

Ma’anak: 4,585 NIS per year of service (up to two years).
Pikadon: 6,642 NIS for one year of service, 13,285 NIS for two years is set aside for each Bat Sherut. Your Pikadon can be accessed within 5 years post-Sherut Leumi for: college tuition, a wedding, or starting a business. Between five and seven years post-service this money can be accessed and used for ANY purpose