Sherut Leumi (National Service) is a completely voluntary, one to two year national service option for religious women who are exempt from military service. Sherut Leumi pro


Who can serve in Sherut Leumi?

There was a recent change in the system that now allows anyone between the ages of 17-24, not only Israeli citizens, to serve in Sherut Leumi! Non-Israeli citizens are able to serve in Sherut Leumi on a B/4 Volunteer Visa.


How does Sherut Leumi work?

A. Sherut Leumi has many different kinds of Tekanim (jobs). All of the jobs are organized through 4 main Amutot (placement organizations): Bat Ami, Aminadav, Aguda Lehitnadvut, and Shlomit. Each Sherut Leumi position is connected to one of the organizations listed above and they are responsible for hiring and caring for the Bnot Sherut. They all offer the same benefits and have the same standards. We advise you to choose your Sherut position based on your needs and interests.

B.Research different jobs you may be interested in and come up with a list of positions. You will then be able to sign up for Sayarot (the interview process)


How do I decide which Sherut Leumi is right for me?

Sherut Leumi has hundreds of options countrywide, making the selection process challenging. We recommend narrowing down your options to five Tekanim (placements). Start by looking through our translated Tkanin by category and organizations’ websites (Aminadav, Bat Ami, Agudah Lehitnadvut, Shlomit). Speak with people who have experience in your desired field. Then, list your priorities, such as interests, preferred city, and whether you want to live in a Bat Sherut Bodeda apartment. Check out our Experience Guide.


How do I sign up for Sherut Leumi?

The process of signing up for Sherut Leumi is simple, but not always so clear cut. Once you’ve chosen your top 5 places to interview at, you should sign up for the prospective Amutot. Go to the Amutot websites listed above and make an account. If you are having trouble creating an account please contact us and we will help you – some websites may only allow you to sign up with an Israeli ID number so reach out to us with any issues. The date when you can sign up for interviews this year is Feb 4-6th. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for update


How does HNY help me with this whole process?

We are here for you every step of the way! From the start, you can sign up for a Mellavah to help guide you through the process. Starting in January, we will be hosting events where you can meet current Bnot Sherut, hear about their experiences, learn how the interview process works, and even practice interviewing in Hebrew. If you need anything at all during this process, don’t hesitate Contact Us!

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