Yom Siddurim – occurs once every two months. It’s a day off for you to complete all errands that need to get done (bank, Misrad Hapnim, Misrad Harishui, etc..).

NBN has a Yom Siddurim day once a year. They bring all govt offices so you can take care of everything all in one go (driving test, haircuts, change your address, set up Bituach Leumi…)

Meyuchedet – 30 days for visiting parents overseas.

  • You get one for every year you’re in the army (if you’re doing a two year service you get two. If you’re doing 2 years 8 months you get three).
  • The first one you pay for yourself the second is  paid for by donors.
  • The army has the right to deny you from taking your Meyuchedet while you’re in training.
  • You can suggest to your commander when you want to fly but they have final say on the exact dates so be sure to run it by them.

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